Configuring VMware vCloud Availability for vCloud Director

vCloud Availability is the only VMware-native replication and disaster recovery solution for sending workloads directly to the cloud. vCloud Availability highlights include rapid on-premises installation without the need to set up a virtual private network (VPN), ability to do non-invasive testing, as well as complete VMware compatibility.

You can employ the service to replicate VMs from on-premises to a VMware cloud (like Navisite’s VMware-based NCD cloud) or another remote replication target.

Configuring Replication with vCloud Availability

vCloud Availability configuration begins from the Monitor tab of the vSphere Replication option, part of the vSphere interface.

The “Outgoing Replications” display summarizes VMs currently under protection.

Selecting Replication Type

Adding VMs for vCloud Availability protection is as straightforward as navigating to a VM in vSphere, specifying that it be replicated, and providing the necessary parameters around its protection.

First, select the replication type – in this case, a cloud provider.

Next, identify your target site.

Then, confirm the URL and organization name.

The next step is to select the target storage type.

After that, you’ll need to set the replication options related to guest OS quiescing and network compression for the virtual machine.

Finally, set the RPO and restore point parameters. You can set the RPO as low as 15 minutes or as long as 24 hours depending your business requirements. You can save up to 24 restore points. The configuration wizard provides you some guidance about how to optimize RPO and restore point settings together.

Testing Failover

Protected VM display options allow for Failover, Test Failover, and removal of the vCloud Availability protection from the VM.  All such actions can be done from the customer premises interface or from the vCloud Availability interface.

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With a Navisite cloud as your vCloud Availability replication target, you’ll pay a predictable cost for regularly replicating your VMs as well as for associated bandwidth and cloud data storage.

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